Student Development Centre

Important Notes

1. Please note that students who meet with a counsellor after classes have begun may be unable to write fall exams with accommodation.  Similarly, students who first meet with a counsellor after October (or February) may be unable to write December exams (or April exams) with accommodation.  Please contact SSD for specific deadlines.

2. Students must inform their SSD counsellor of any changes to their course registration (including changes to sections of a course) so that the counsellor may recommend accommodations for the correct courses.  Students should make a note for themselves to contact their counsellors in December or January regarding any changes to second term courses.

3. Accommodations that Western will provide may differ from accommodations that students request or have used in high school or at other educational institutions.  SSD’s recommendations are based on consideration of a student’s experienced difficulties and history using accommodations, information from disability documentation, information concerning course requirements, and our experience with assisting students by arranging various accommodations and related services.

4. Prospective students are encouraged to meet with an SSD counsellor to find out the types of accommodation that we would recommend for them before making their final decision about attending Western.  To provide this information, we would need documentation concerning the individual’s disability.