Student Development Centre

Requesting Accommodation

Who do Students Contact?

Western undergraduate and graduate students who are registered in a faculty on the main campus request accommodation by contacting Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) in the Student Development Centre, on the main campus.  Similarly, students who are registered at Brescia and Huron University Colleges request accommodation through SSD on the main campus.  SSD can be reached at (519)661-2147;

Students who are registered at King’s University College request accommodation by contacting SSD at King’s, which is in Counselling and Student Development on the King’s campus.  SSD at King’s can be reached at (519)433-3491, ext. 4321;

Steps for Arranging Accommodation

Step 1

Contact SSD or SSD at King’s (for King’s students only) to schedule an appointment with a counsellor.  Students should meet with a counsellor as soon as they have registered in courses.  

The purpose of this meeting is to determine accommodations that SSD will recommend to students’ instructors, and to inform students of procedures and other services that may be useful to them.

Students living in distant locations from London may begin the process of arranging accommodations in a phone appointment.

Please note that students who meet with a counsellor after classes have begun may be unable to write fall exams with accommodation.  Similarly, students who first meet with a counsellor after October (or February) may be unable to write December exams (or April exams) with accommodation.  Please contact SSD for specific deadlines.

Step 2

Provide documentation of disability to SSD.  Students should send documentation to SSD prior to their appointment, if possible.  If this is not possible, they should bring documentation to their appointment.  Please refer to Documentation Requirements on this site.

Step 3

After steps 1 and 2, students who are requesting exam accommodations are required to communicate to Exam Services (which administers exams) their intentions to write specific tests and exams with that department.  SSD counsellors will show students how to sign up for exams using Exam Services’ (ES) website.  Counsellors also will show students how to use the site to check exam locations and start times.