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Peer Counselling

The Peer Writing Advisor Program provides Western students with an opportunity to acquire valuable teaching experience. The Program will benefit students who wish to apply to a Canadian Faculty of Education or who are otherwise interested in gaining experience teaching. Following training, peer writing adivisors work directly with Western students in hour-long, one-to-one sessions to assist with any stage of the writing process. For this reason, qualified peer writing advisors must possess excellent writing skills and outstanding interpersonal skills.

Why be a Peer Writing Advisor?

Being a peer writing advisor allows you to:

  • Improve your own writing skills.
  • Develop in-depth knowledge of the basics of English language and grammar.
  • Meet new people and provide help to other students.
  • Improve your communications skills by working with English as a second language students.
  • Learn about the resources available to students at Western.
  • Learn how to conduct an effective writing session.
  • Learn about different teaching and learning styles.
  • Gain valuable skills useful for professional school, graduate school, and the work force.

Application requirements and method

Here are the application requirements for the Peer Writing Counsellor Program. All applicants must:

  • Be enrolled as a student at Western University for the current academic year.
  • Be in third or fourth year or a Graduate Student.
  • Have the recommendation of at least one faculty member. Please submit a letter of reference. 
  • Submit a writing sample. Be sure to send a copy of an original, as the sample will not be returned.
  • Have at least a 75% cumulative grade point average.
  • Be willing to commit up to four hours a week for 13 weeks each term.
  • Demonstrate strong verbal communications skills.
  • Be prepared to work with students of any ability, gender, age, sexual orientation, and cultural background.
  • Be dependable and organized.
  • Be able to participate in mandatory orientation and training sessions as well as scheduled writing advisor meetings throughout each term.
  • Please apply through the Volunteers in Progress Program.

Peer Writing Advisor Testimonials

Here are some things past Peer Writing Advisors have to say about the program:

"While participating in the peer tutoring program, I have learned a lot about myself and my ability to help others. The program allows you to take what you have learned throughout university and apply it. The course has helped me with my overall writing style and technique. You learn something new every day; it feels great to know you helped someone." 

"I think anyone who is interested in making a difference should take advantage of a truly enlightening experience." 

"The Peer Writing Advisor Program has been a fantastic learning opportunity for me. The Peer Writing Advisor meetings provided us with useful tutoring skills and they enabled us to share our learning experiences with our peers. As a fourth year English and History student, the Peer Writing Advisor Program provided me with a new perspective both on writing and tutoring. The Peer Writing Advisor Program is an excellent way to become involved, to meet people, and to help students through their writing struggles."

"Working for the Writing Support Centre was a blast. The projects ranged from collecting survey data to gathering information for seminars to maintaining a website. While working on these projects, I sharpened and enhanced my organizational and communication skills, but most important of all, I met many interesting and intelligent people."

Administrative Assistants

Western students who are interested in helping maintain the daily operation of the Writing Support Centre can apply for a volunteer position. Applicants should have some computer knowledge and should possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

Contact the VIP program for more information about administrative assistant positions.

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