Student Development Centre

Help for Students Struggling with Eating Disorders

There are services on campus for students struggling with eating problems. Psychological Services at SDC can provide an assessment of current difficulties. During most of the academic year, an assessment will be offered to you within one week of your contact with us. If appropriate, we will also offer you psychotherapy for your eating issues. The waiting time for therapy varies greatly depending upon the time of year. All students will also be provided referrals.

The following campus and community services are available to help you with your eating problems:

Student Health Services

Medical and psychiatric evaluation and treatment

Hope's Eating Disorders Support

Information and support for individuals and their families and friends. See their resources page for additional referral links, such as lists of private therapists, community services etc.

Hope's Support provides a six-week binge eating support group on campus to students each semester. This service is free to students. Spots are limited. Register at to gain coping strategies to help with recovery. Referrals are not required.

Nutrition Counselling

Western Dietitian Services

Western Dietitian Services, located in the Wellness Education Center, UCC Lower Level, offers nutrition counselling to students, faculty and staff on campus. Services are free of charge for students covered under USC health plan, 80% reimbursable through the SOGS graduate health plan and may be covered through other health plans (ex. faculty and staff wellness spending accounts).

E-mail to book an appointment to get help with meal planning, weight management, disordered eating, digestive health concerns, sports nutrition, healthy eating on campus and more!

Campus Nutrition Support

Hospitality Services: Nutrition Information Services