Student Development Centre

Sexual Violence

All members of the Western community have the right to study, learn, work and research in an environment free of sexual violence. Any and all acts of sexual violence will be addressed and individuals who have committed an act of sexual violence will be held accountable. Simply put, sexual violence is not tolerated at Western.

Western has revamped our sexual violence website to provide comprehensive information on where individuals who have been the victims of sexual violence, or those who know someone who is a victim, can find information and support. The site, launched in 2015, includes a range of options and services available to assist them, both at Western and in the external community. This site can be found at:

Western’s senior administration and Board of Governors recently established a sexual violence policy, which is the foundation of our commitment to providing and maintaining an environment in which sexual violence is not tolerated. You can find the policy here

Procedures for responding to sexual violence have been put in place to support members of our campus community, regardless of where an incident of sexual violence has occurred.  You can view these procedures here.

Psychological Services is committed to assisting students to access appropriate services when they have been the recipients of any acts of sexual violence.  Excellent community resources are also available:  St. Joseph’s Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Centre; and the Sexual Assault Centre London